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Natural, nature infused skin and hair care made with love 

Nature's Traits Shea cares:

Oils, balms, butters and scrubs for your: face, beard, hands, nails, lips, body, massages and hair

Facial Cream

Welcome to Nature’s Traits Shea

Life can be so complicated, but we pride ourselves in creating simple yet elegant and serene skin and hair care products; that are nature infused and has traits of nature throughout each of our nurturing products. We care for our current home, earth, so we choose suppliers who support this mindset and we recycle where possible. Trees are planted when we purchase our ingredients and product jars that are returned to us, are gifted with ‘next order’ discounts.

By choosing Nature’s Traits Shea, you’re choosing to make a difference to you and your family's lifestyle, our earthly home and a small business.

God bless you and thank you!

🌻Our products are great for men, women and children.🌻

Nature's Traits Shea's products are free from:

🚫 Mineral oil 
🚫 Sulfates
🚫 Harmful Chemicals 

🚫 Parabens
🚫 GMOs
🚫 Alcohol
🚫 Silicone
🚫 Polyethylene Glycols
🚫 Formaldehyde
🌻If you can't spell it or say it, then  should it be in your hair or on your skin?🌻


💥Do check out our offers found throughout our website!💥


🌻It's never too early or too late to start a healthier skin and hair journey! Remember to boost this journey with a good intake of water daily (at least 1500mls) and at least 7 hours sleep daily, and don't forget gratitude and a positive mindset.🌻

🌻You have tried the rest, now come try the best with an infusion of nature!🌻

🌻Our products  are  natural and chemical free so no need to worry about damage to your hair our body.🌻

Sphere on Spiral Stairs
I love how the oils in this facial serum works into my skin. It moisturises my face without leaving it oily and my skin is becoming more toned and healthier looking. I'd say, it’s a natural delight that glows.

Maureen, London

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