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  • Can I return a product?
    If for a valid reason you're not satisfied with a NTS product, you may return the unused product within 14 days from date received. Do contact us to have a chat if there are any issues however; we would really appreciate this.
  • What makes Nature's Traits Shea's products different?
    Nature's Traits Shea makes a difference. We love serving and sharing high quality, rich products with traits of nature throughout each. Our products are made with love and served with care. Gratitude, mental and physical self-care is at the centre of what we offer; these and more are the reasons Nature's Traits Shea is different.
  • How does Nature's Traits Shea support others and our planet?
    We source our ingredients from producers who engage in fairtrade even if it means that we spend slightly more; trees are planted when we purchase our jars and 10% of all purchases go towards supporting those in need. Additionally, each product is served with a grateful heart and shared with a word of affirmation in the hope of adding a little more joy to someone's day.
  • What's in your products?
    Nature's Traits Shea products are water free and formulated with top quality organic and natural oils and butters.
  • Do you use fragrance or synthetic oils in your products?
    No, we dont. Our oils and butters are organic or natural. We choose pure essential oils which are rich in quality and impact and so are our butters and carrier oils.
  • Do you offer a gift wrapping service?
    Do you offer a gift wrapping service? Yes, we do a gift wrapping service starting as little as £4. Please add specific details i.e gender, ocassion, age, interest, favourite colour as we would like to assist in making your gifting experience as special as possible.
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