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What's all the fuss about Shea butter?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

When this world was created, it was constructed with all that we need. Nature was key in the earth's design; as a result, nature is nurturing.

Our skin is our largest organ, therefore its function and maintenance is vital. Because of this, Nature's Traits Shea chooses quality, unrefined, organic shea butter in order to create luxurious products for our users.

Shea butter's key benefits

The key benefits are endless. How long is a piece of string? Shea butter is versatile with benefits ranging from reducing blemishes and scarring, helping with itching due to dryness, dry scalp, restoring skin elasticity, softening the skin, evening skin tone, preventing bumps after shaving, quick absorption without leaving a greasy finish to using as a daily moisturiser. The list goes on.

Nature's Traits Shea's shea based products

Nature's Traits Shea has a range of shea based products, hence the name, Nature's Traits Shea. Currently, we create a range of body butters, a hair butter, hand and lip balms, a body scrub and a lip scrub. Other shea based products are in the making, for example, we're developing an eczema specific balm blended with a range of effective essential oils and carrier oils that may help those with eczema.

In a nutshell, shea butter is selected for its versatility and wide range of benefits for our skin, hair and wellbeing. Nature's Traits Shea is on a mission to boost the wellbeing of our customers and their family, friends and acquaintances. We create handmade, nature enthused, nurture infused skin and hair care products that deliver. I hope that after reading about these wealth of benefits, you have identified 'why the fuss'.

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